Within this page there is general information about the event and individualized sections according to the role of the participant. The general information on the webapp as you may have already seen consists of MUNITY East, Sessions, Resolutions etc.
The delegates will be able to check his/her individual programme and the sessions available to them according to their committee.


The “Resolutions” page will display the list by status of all resolutions in real time during the conference. Also, the resolutions can be viewed for further consideration.

Zoom meetings

The delegates will have a list of invitations through the conference Webapp-platform to a zoom meeting for their assigned committee by day and by sessions.

The delegates are asked to:

  • Switch video on at entrance
  • Change their name to that of the country they are representing
  • Add your avatar or icon (downloadable in your user page. HERE)
  • Use the individual virtual backgrounds (downloadable in your user page. HERE)

Good to know:

  • All participants will be muted on default but can request the right of speech (unmute) by using the “raising hand” function.
  • Amendments will be communicated via the chat function to the chairs.
  • There will be a Voting-Function and the results will be shared with the audience.

Technical Requirements

The event will work on laptop or desktop computers with webcams. To avoid microphone feedback, please use earphones and make sure that not too many people are participating in the conference in the same room.
Due to the fact that the conference will work on two platforms, it is best to use a larger screen (for split screen/two screen views) or two separate devices such as a phone or Ipad/Reader so the participant can open the Web platform and the Zoom platform at the same time.

The web-platform will work in any browser. It is advisable to download the free of charge Zoom application on the individual computers/laptops which will be used for the conference.

Essential Materials and Equipment

Delegates should have with them:

  • Their draft resolutions for use in the initial lobbying process.
  • A charged laptop and/or charger.
  • Headphones if this makes it more comfortable for the participant to cancel out noise.

Note Passing

Through the webapp, there is an integrated message system the delegates can use to send and receive messages to or from other delegates within the same committee for the lobby process and for the note passing during the debates. These messages will be saved for monitoring and to avoid misuse.

Approval Panel

The Online Approval Panel will have MUN-Directors that have registered and will edit the resolutions. Those resolutions that have been submitted will be sent to the approval panel by the chairs of each committee. The Mun-Director that is available for reviewing the resolution will contact the delegate via the messaging system in the Webapp function to join them in a zoom meeting. They will then review and edit, once the resolution is ready it will be submitted for further debate.

Dress Code

Please be reminded that all participants should wear formal dress during sessions and lobbying. As a serious UN simulation, THIMUN expects personal appearance to be appropriate for a professional setting. Participants should not wear distracting clothing, jewellery, or accessories, inappropriate or that may call attention to themselves either individually or as a group.